About us

Our Story

Jeremy Tosh

Cachet London is a contemporary British jewellery brand. Jeremy is the creative force behind the collection and has been manufacturing and designing fashion jewellery since 1982, initially for a host of well-known UK and international brands. In 2002 he established Cachet London, founded on the ideals of design, attention to detail and quality of finish.

From concept to sketch, design and production development and finally in to store, Jeremy's hands on approach ensures that every piece maintains the standards and quality that he demands.

Cachet Design and Development

Jeremy reimagines classic designs and also the more avant-garde styles but always on a scale that blurs the lines between fine and fashion jewellery.

Central to any design are the materials and method of manufacture; all crystals used by Cachet are from Swarovski Elements® - from large coloured stones to the smallest pavé set crystals. Cachet London uses the finest carefully selected components, including titanium ear posts, chains and fittings, from the USA and Japan and all richly plated with 23ct Gold, Rose Gold and Rhodium.

Cachet Pearls


"We only use the finest quality glass based coated pearls from Swarovski Elements®. We love these pearls for their natural lustre and feel".

Cachet Puzzle Setting™

Puzzle Setting

This is a style of setting created by Cachet that adds texture and interest to any item. The designs are set with a carefully laid out random arrangement of different size crystals that fit together as you would piece together a puzzle. This is a very time consuming method as each style has its own "road map" and the setter is often working with many different crystal sizes.

How we treat our backs and that Ruby Crystal

Polished backs

We believe that the front and back of a piece should be equally well finished. At Cachet London we hand polish the back of almost all of our styles, it gives us great pleasure to flip an item over and find that the back looks as good as the front, we hope you feel the same.

We also set a ruby crystal into every item: "I was looking for a way to identify Cachet Jewellery that was both discreet and fun. Engraving the name on each item was not feasible, particularly on small pendants and stud earrings, and I wanted one mark for everything" says Jeremy. "The idea of placing a stone in the back of each piece seemed perfect. We tried many colours but it was the Ruby Crystal that spoke to me".